The Vegas Food Expo wants to thank Schaller & Weber for providing bags for all Expo attendees. Located in New Youk City, Scaller & Weber is an award-winning maker and purveyor of authentic German-style meats and charcuterie. They carry a wide variety of wieners and other imported sundries, and are also known for their Double Smoked Bacon.


Ferdinand Schaller began his career in 1918 as an apprentice butcher and sausage maker in Stuttgart, Germany. After five years, he began looking for opportunities to expand his knowledge and talents, and traveled throughout his homeland for another five years, learning his craft at the sides of masters. Their techniques. Their recipes. Their dedication. All of which he would take with him across the Atlantic Ocean when he signed up in Hamburg for a cook’s mate position on a ship bound for America.

By the time he arrived in New York in 1927, Schaller was no longer an apprentice. He was a master charcuterier so treasured by his shipmates for his cured meats and sausages that he was barely allowed off the ship. This was a sign of things to come when, a decade later, he met a similarly gifted and ambitious man named Tony Weber. Together, they formed Schaller & Weber an opened shop in Yorkville on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Soon, their European-style sausages and deli meats were being enjoyed by aficionados throughout New York City, across the United States and around the world.

In 1937, Schaller & Weber opened the doors of its original location on 86th Street to all of New York City. At that time, it was customary for butchers to specialize in one thing and one thing only. Schaller & Weber specialized in pork products. Eventually, the company evolved into a German specialty store, offering a wide array of products, from meats to chocolates. Founders Ferdinand Schaller and Tony Weber made every product by hand in the store. The company continued to manufacture all of our products on-premises until 1960. In 1964, Schaller & Weber doubled the size of their store. To this day, the building still stands – as does their 75-year-old tradition of giving every child a sample of their award-winning Bologna. After all, Kids are often the hardest ones to please.


Schaller & Weber is the first and only American sausage and meat producer to repeatedly win gold medals of honor at international exhibitions in Holland and Germany. In 2000, Schaller & Weber entered twenty different products at Austria’s Wesler Volksfest and won fourteen gold and six silver medals—and the fair’s most prestigious international award, another first for an American chacuterier. Almost a century after opening its doors, Schaller & Weber is still a family-run business. The company remains dedicated to producing the same premium meats according to the same exacting standards and time-honored recipes that were lauded in neighborhood butcher shops years ago.

Schaller & Weber is located at 1654 2nd Avenue #1, New York, NY 10028.

To sample the taste that makes Schaller & Weber unique, visit Booth #500 at the Vegas Food Expo.