Brandon Gottsacker – #VFX2019

Brandon Gottsacker

Brandon Gottsacker – Chief Operations Officer, Superior Fresh

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO), Brandon is responsible for providing the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that Superior Fresh has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow our organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Brandon chose to attend the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point because of their comprehensive biology and natural resource curriculum. It was there that Brandon raised his first fish, yellow perch, in a recirculating aquaculture system and fell in love with the possibility of managing his own aquaculture operation. His hard work, charisma, and passion to learn created opportunities that he took full advantage of.

Brandon’s mission was to find the people that could change his life by believing in him and his passion. Less than one year after graduating college, Brandon moved to Shepherdstown, WV where he trained under Dr. Steven Summerfelt at The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute. There, he managed multiple aquaculture systems including a research project that evaluated the performance of walleye when fed alternative protein diets in a RAS, attended conferences and workshops around the world, and took many online continuing education courses in business and management.

After numerous business plans and four years of research, Brandon’s hard work and dedication in aquaculture is coming to fruition. He spent nearly two years putting together a world class team to develop the United States’ first indoor, RAS salmon farm and the largest aquaponics facility in the world. His passion for redefining sustainable agriculture and growing safe, high-value food has finally begun with the development of Superior Fresh, LLC. in west-central Wisconsin.

Company Bio:

Superior Fresh is an industry-leading aquaponics facility specializing in leafy greens and coldwater fish species. Our Northfield, WI facility is situated on a 720-acre Native Restoration Sanctuary nestled in the picturesque Coulee Region of Western Wisconsin. Our flagship aquaponics facility will be the largest in the world, filled with the best equipment and technology. We plan to raise premium Atlantic salmon and Steelhead trout in a state-of-the-art land based recirculation aquaculture facility in conjunction with premium, organic produce grown in an ultramodern hydroponics glass greenhouse. At Superior Fresh, we will produce the freshest product available year-round, all while maintaining a water sustaining zero-discharge facility.

Friday, March 31st, 12:00 PM – An update on cutting-edge sustainable seafood farming.