Robert Chang – #VFX2019

Robert Chang

Robert Chang is the Managing Director and Chief Truffle Officer at The American Truffle Company (ATC). It was founded to offer a much more reliable and predictable truffle cultivation process based entirely on top-notch science and continuing research. The customary truffle cultivation method of trial-and-error without rigorous scientific basis accounts for the extremely high failure rates of truffle orchards.

Robert brings his technical training (Stanford University: B.S. in Electrical Engineering and minor in Biology, M.S. in Electrical Engineering and qualified for Ph.D. program) to continually push the scientific envelope in truffle cultivation. He also uses his experience and knowledge in technology and engineering to help ATC client-partners design and implement electronic monitoring systems, moisture-sensing irrigation systems, drainage system and environmental monitoring systems – all central to the collection of data and fine-tuning of truffle cultivation methodology.

Distribution of truffles produced is a major component of truffle cultivation, in fact, it’s as important as the scientific knowledge and data used to actually grow the truffles themselves. For this, Robert brings extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development, which he applies to developing long-term relationships with significant truffle buyers nationwide, including leading chefs and specialty markets. On behalf of all client-partners, Robert is building brand recognition and relationships with leading chefs and truffle end users, central in the successful distribution of truffles produced by ATC’s client-partners. Based in San Francisco, Robert also holds an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and is a foodie who loves to cook and share good times with good people at the table.

Friday, March 31st, 11:00 AM: The Truffle Revolution – Using science to cultivate European truffles in America, and how it’s fundamentally revolutionizing the traditional truffle industry in every aspect.