Stacy Frank – #VFX2019

Stacy Frank

Co-Founder – is all about controlling the lionfish invasion through education and action. As one of its founders, Ms. Stacy Frank has been instrumental in spreading the word about the threat of lionfish, especially as it relates to threatening the well-being of coral reefs and other marine ecosystems, including the commercially and recreationally important fishes that depend on them.

On par with other invasive species, such as zebra mussels, snakeheads, and Asian carp, lionfish populations are continuing to expand, especially in the western north Atlantic region. It’s become clear during research for a lionfish thriller screenplay that our Caribbean reefs are being threatened by many factors, including the invasive lionfish. Stacy carries the message that now is the time to face this nemesis.

Ms. Frank holds a Masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and resides in Las Vegas with her husband, Dr. Barry Frank, who is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. She has been an avid scuba diver since 1973 and lives to dive.

Friday, March 31st, 12:00 PM – Raising public awareness about the lionfish invasion and helping to keep the reefs healthy.