Don’t Miss Seeing These 6 Exhibitors, March 30 & 31 – #VFX2019

These six food and beverage exhibitors run the gamut from wasabi, hard cider, and Country meats, to mushroom jerky, maple syrup, and hickory smoked salmon. Innovative flavors, fresh ingredients, and the special care taken in preparation makes all the difference in the world.


Frog Eyes Wasabi
Pacific City, Oregon

Frog Eyes Wasabi produces extremely high quality, flavorful, authentic, water-grown wasabi. They are the only commercial wasabi grower in Oregon.


Their farm is located on the Oregon Coast where the climate is optimal for wasabi cultivation. It is humid, constantly cool and is blessed with pristine forest streams. With this ambient climate and their proven growing methodology, they replicate the cool alpine stream environment of the Japanese mountains, which is wasabi’s natural habitat. Using the water-grown method, Frog Eyes Wasabi produces a superior product to some Asian-imported wasabi and of equal quality to the highest-grade product grown in Japan.

Frog Eyes Wasabi respects the needs of people involved, gives back to local community, and operates with ecologically sensitive principles.

The company provides its employees with a livable wage and employs local contractors and employees and exclusively purchase from local suppliers and products. On their farm, the co-owners Markus Mead, a city planner, and his wife, Jennifer Bloeser, a marine biologist, have four goals: to employ rain capture methodology, construct stream/riparian improvements for their local stream, donate at least 1 percent of proceeds to local estuary preservation efforts, install nutrient capture/uptake technology, and coordinate with academic research to identify and test low impact nutrients.

The Frog Eyes Wasabi crop is not genetically modified in any way; it is grown in greenhouses to promote plant growth and to assure a continuous harvestable supply. Their water-grown wasabi has been sampled by some of the world’s finest chefs. They sell and ship wasabi plants so others can start family gardens and use fresh, locally-grown wasabi. In addition, Frog Eyes Wasabi sells rhizomes (roots) for your kitchen, shipped directly from the Frog Eyes Wasabi farm.

You can find them at Booth #402 at the Vegas Food Expo.


Jack’s Hard Cider
Biglerville, Pennsylvania

A lot is read into the word craft or micro-produced. But how many cider companies have been growing apples for over 50 years? Not many. Jack’s Hard Cider is produced and canned by Hauser Estate Winery just 8 miles west of Historic Gettysburg, PA. It is produced from the ground up – literally.


They grow the apples, press the apples, ferment the apples, and package the final product all from their facility located in one of the Apple Capitals of the World, Biglerville Pennsylvania. In a town that claims some of the biggest brand names in Apple Products, Jack’s Hard Cider was inspired by “Jack” Hauser, who led Musselman Foods into national recognition in the 1950s, and who is the patriarch of the Hauser Family, makers of Jack’s Hard Cider.

Jack’s Hard Cider is produced only from apples native to Adams County Pennsylvania. By using all our different varieties of apples Jack’s Hard Cider is able to offer our Original and Helen’s Blends year-round and complement these staples with their season blends. Their Flagship ciders include Original, Helen’s Blend, Dry Hopped, Peach and Pear. Their seasonal ciders include Conewago Orchard and Fireside.

The company offers a tasting room at Hauser Estate Winery where they feature over 14 ciders on tap, including seasonal ciders customers won’t find in stores.

Come taste Jack’s Hard Cider at Booth #206B and be part of the growing craft cider revolution.


Kuttawa, Kentucky

Broadbent’s is a award-winning producer of Country ham, bacon, and sausage. Since 1901, the company has been making smoked and cured award-winning Kentucky Ham. It’s one-of-kind taste doesn’t get past judges at competitions, winning a total of 15 Grand Champion Kentucky State Fair Ham Competitions since 1967, including being named Grand Champion six times since 2004. The American Association of Mean Processors has named Broadbent’s National Grand Champion Winners four of the last five years that they had a dry-cured category.


One of their most popular products is their Old-Fashioned Flavored Broadbent Country Ham, which makes delicious sliders. Or, a platter of Country Ham slices can serve as the centerpiece for an upcoming family celebration.

The company’s Uncooked Country Ham and Bacon selections are perfect for a special family breakfast. And, of course, since they’re located in Kentucky, they offer great selections for Kentucky Derby Parties, including Derby Pies and Bourbon Barrel Cakes. Other products include Country Bread Mixes, Jams, Jellies, Honey, and Sorghum, and more. With Broadbent’s products anyone can create a classic Southern breakfast with Kentucky country ham, Hickory Smoked Bacon, and Grandma Broadbent’s Hickory Smoked Sausage, plus gravy and grits.

Beyond their local market in Kuttawa, KY, they’ve been shipping their Kentucky Hams across the United States for everyone to enjoy since 1965.

Drop by Booth #100B and get a taste of Kentucky.


Pan’s Mushroom Jerky (Panco Foods)
Vancouver, Washington

The owner of Pan’s Mushroom Jerky tells his story:


“It started out on a trip to Borneo, Malaysia where I visited family that I hadn’t seen in years. Little did I know I would discover a recipe that has been in my family for over 30 years. I found that a number of my family members were vegetarians. Because of their diet, they couldn’t find vegetarian snacks that not only tasted great, but also had the texture that they desired. After trying many different ingredients, they found that mushrooms were a great replacement for meat. Not only did it have great texture, but the mushrooms were natural sources of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. After a lot of testing and of course eating, Pan’s Mushroom Jerky was born. After my first piece of our homemade Mushroom Jerky recipe, I knew my family had something special that had to be shared with the rest of the world.

In 2008, we started Panco Foods. We know that you’re tired of the same old bland foods. So are we… and that’s why we’re here to help. Our mission is simple. We are declaring an end to your boredom with food. We search the ends of the world to find the most delicious and unique foods so we can bring them to your plate. Panco Foods doesn’t look for just anything though. We look for high quality products that benefit not only your taste buds, but also your health. Whether it’s all natural, organic, or rich in good nutrients we’ll find it for you.”

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is 100% meatless, made from the freshest abalone mushrooms they can find. It’s seasoned with their family’s quality spices, with no artificial ingredients or flavors. It’s naturally cholesterol free, has 0 grams of trans fat, and is an excellent source of fiber. It’s is perfect for vegetarian and flexitarians, and anyone who’s health conscious. It’s a delicious snack for anyone.

Come taste this unique jerky at Booth #114 at the Vegas Food Expo, March 30 and 31, 2017.


Hidden Springs Maple
Putney, Vermont

Hidden Springs Maple is a family maple farm in Putney, Vermont where the owners started making maple syrup over 50 years ago. Their sugar bush spans over 1,000 acres in Putney and Westminster West, Vermont. The company offers 100% natural and organic maple syrup tapped on their farms, and their products are available in their farm store, online, and at restaurants and specialty stores throughout the United States.


The Cooper-Ellis family has been in the maple syrup business for over fifty years. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, they sold maple syrup under the Cooper-Ellis Sugar Makers label. Today, Fraser and Peter Cooper-Ellis jointly owns and operates CE Maple, one of the largest and most respected Southern-Vermont maple syrup farms. CE Maple is known for producing consistently high-quality, Vermont maple syrup. In addition to CE Maple, Fraser and Peter both individually own and operate retail, maple syrup businesses. Fraser owns and operates Fraser’s Vermont Maple; Peter owns and operates Hidden Springs Maple.

Hidden Springs Maple Organic maple syrup is certified as organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC (VOF), which is the certification agency of Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont. VOF is accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to certify that farms and processors comply with the standards set by the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).

Many of their trees are more than one hundred years old, and more than hundred feet tall. These trees produce high quality, sweet, maple sap which is the only ingredient you need to produce high quality maple syrup. A group of maple trees is known as a “sugar bush”. The Hidden Springs Maple sugar bush is located at 5816 Westminster Road, Westminster West, Vermont. The sugar bush is spread across approximately 250 acres of eastern-sloping, Southern-Vermont mountain ridge known locally, as Bemis Hill. Their sugar bush contains a large number of natural springs which provide the maple trees with an excellent source of pure, natural spring water. The area provides ideal habitat for maple tree growth.

The company harvests maple sap from wild, sugar maple trees only. This matters because not all maple trees are equal. Unlike many of the Canadian maple producers, Hidden Springs Maple does not harvest maple sap from either red maple trees or black maple trees. The sap from the sugar maple is sweeter than that of either the red maple or the black maple. Sweeter maple sap makes the highest-quality maple syrup.
Recently, Vermont Television Network paid them a visit in Putney, VT and filmed a video at the Hidden Springs Maple Farm Store. You can view it on their website.

And, on March 30 and 31, you can sample Hidden Springs Maple syrup and maple candy at Booth #902A in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Hickory House
Hialeah, FL and Las Vegas, NV

With over twenty-five years of experience, the folks at Hickory House strive to make the finest hickory smoked salmon on the planet. They hand select fresh salmon from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where salmon can develop its best flavor. And, they combine time honored traditions with new techniques to give their salmon a unique taste.


Hickory House salmon sides are dry cured with salt and brown sugar, and smoked using natural hickory, allowing the taste and the texture of the salmon to be more distinct. Hickory smoke gives salmon a delicate but distinctive flavour that lingers on the palette. This award-winning salmon has achieved international recognition and the company is known for their culinary excellence and their passion for high-quality, delicious salmon. Hickory House’s top quality hickory smoked salmon is served at top restaurants from the East Coast to the West.

The Hickory House East Coast Division is located in Hialeah, FL and their West Coast Division is in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have many innovative smoked salmon menu ideas on their website.

Come try a bite at the Vegas Food Expo, Booth #408B.