The Vegas Food Expo is pleased to have Homeira Goldstein and HomeiraStyle of Manhattan Beach, California, as one of our 2017 sponsors.

Homeira Goldstein, founder of HomeiraStyle and a widely recognized art patron and fashion and style maven whose events and dinner parties are among the most coveted invitations in Los Angeles, will debut the “Art of Flavor” collection of 11 signature herb and spice blends at the at the Vegas Food Expo on March 30 and 31 at the Gold Coast Resort & Casino.


Goldstein’s unique heritage and love of Middle-Eastern inspired flavors has resulted in a collection of incredibly versatile products, that even a novice cook can produce Top Chef results with ease. Homeira’s distinctive style and her love of beauty found in nature inspires her uncomplicated recipes. She is perhaps best known for cooking deliciously fresh and gorgeously plated dishes presented on her magical “tablescape creations.”

Homeira often remarks to those around her: “Get creative with me!” Being artistically inspired in all she does, including in the kitchen, is a driving force in her life. She originally developed her HomeiraStyle branded Herb & Spice Blends to produce delicious and nutritious food for her son in the midst of her busy life. From the beginning, her vision has been to create the easiest ways to produce the most mouth-watering dishes that don’t require a culinary degree, the most expensive ingredients, or incredibly specialized kitchen utensils.

Homeira’s tag line “DISCOVER the Art of Flavor WITH ME” is not just about what one experiences with their taste buds; it extends to all the senses. As a lifestyle guru, she seeks to inspire, guide and motivate you to be creative from kitchen to table and in the home. Her philosophy, echoes famous gastronomical luminaries like Brillat-Savarin and M.F.K. Fisher when they told the world, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are. The discovery of a new dish is the discovery of a new star.” Homeira’s passion is to empower everyone to move beyond the single dimension of taste to engage all of one’s senses. The brilliance of the flavors created by Homeira’s original recipes are more than just the herbs & spices; the magic is her use of olive oil to allow each unique Blend recipe to meld, bloom, infuse and transform into something far beyond the sum of the individual ingredients.


The 11 “Art of Flavor” Herb & Spice Blends feature a recipe and a signature flavor profile inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisine for everything from chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, vegetables to pasta and rice. One passionate devotee of her products wrote, “what excites me the most is that Homeira’s simple packages of herbs and spices have empowered me to create endless combinations that amaze not only me as a rather ordinary cook, but delight my family and friends. They are asking me ‘how did you do this? Have you been secretly going to cooking school?”

Homeira Goldstein and HomeiraStyle will be in Booth #701. In the meantime, to learn more, visit her website, or email her at