Stock Options Bring Sweet Dividends: Booth #414 – #VFX2019

It’s a known fact. Carefully-selected stock options bring sweet dividends. That’s certainly the case for a company called Stock Options ( out of Portland, Oregon.

Besides being a financial instrument, stock refers to the broth – the base – from which restaurants and fine chefs the world over build their culinary creations. In order to produce the best food, fine chefs insist on using the finest ingredients in their sauces, soups, stews and signature dishes.

Drawing on 30 Years in the Restaurant Business

Established in 2004, the staff of Stock Options have actively refined their products through thirty years in the restaurant business. The company’s Classic Beef Stock, Premium Veal Stock, Roasted Chicken Stock, Gourmet Fish Stock, Fresh Vegetable Stock, and Beef and Veal Demi-glaces are made by chefs for chefs. All of the company’s products are all-natural, carefully and lovingly made from scratch in small batches to exacting standards, ensuring the highest possible quality. Naturally free of preservatives, thickeners, gluten and added salt, the stocks and demis deliver rich, flavorful and healthy dividends to any table.

Stock Options is pleased to be at the 2018 Vegas Food Expo in Booth #414 so they can meet buyers, chefs, restaurant owners and managers, and food entrepreneurs to give them the firsthand experience of tasting what they believe is the best stock in the industry.

Here is the care Stock Options takes in creating all of their products:

– All the ingredients in their stocks and demis are carefully selected. There is nothing in their products other than bones, vegetables and herbs. The only sodium in the beef broth is from tomato paste painted onto the bones in the last half hour of the roast. Excess fat is carefully removed from the kettle during the cooking cycle to preserve and enhance the flavor and quality of the essential ingredients.

– Their beef bones come from ranchers who follow hormone-, steroid-, and antibiotic-free vegetarian feeding practices. Chicken bones are provided by organic, free-range poultry farmers. They also use locally-sourced, organic produce whenever possible.

– Stock Options beef and veal stocks are 24-hour processes. After a slow roast, the bones are cooked quickly in a kettle at high heat with vegetables and herbs. Then the stock is “put to bed” for a flavor-enhancing overnight simmer. It takes 5 ½ hours to make a batch of chicken stock, including a 1 ½ hour roast. Roasted vegetable stock and blond fish stock require slightly less cooking time, but they’re prepared with equal care. Likewise, the company’s ultra-rich demi-glaces are pure reductions – no starch, no roux, just a little port and red wine is added.

Stock Options offers special packs and rates for bulk orders. Contact them in Portland, or better yet, have a conversation at the Vegas Food Expo, April 15-16, at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For inquiries or additional information:

P.O. Box 15175
Portland, Oregon 97293

Phone: (503) 236.7610